An atmospheric jubilee celebration

at the Hotel Rosenhof

Your individual menu

for the anniversary

On such anniversary days, the menu served to your guests is of crucial importance. After all, the food should be suitable for the festive season. Perhaps you would like to celebrate your Christmas party in a special place? Hotel Rosenhof is also suitable for your unforgettable celebration, taking into account these requirements.

Together we will be happy to prepare a menu that exceeds your requirements. In our restaurant you have the possibility to dine with your guests. Of course, we can also adapt the seating arrangements to your individual requirements.

Guests who e. g. eat vegetarian or vegan food are of course also welcome and will be served according to their wishes. We adjust the menu in such a way that no wishes remain unfulfilled. Any incompatibilities can also be taken into account. Simply let us know your expectations and specifics during the preliminary discussion.

The advantages

of an anniversary celebration at the hotel


Some advantages of a party in the hotel have already been listed. However, you will also benefit from other factors when organizing your party in our hotel. So you can not only look forward to a varied menu, but also book our hotel rooms. Perfect when you don’t want to go home late in the evening. Another big plus point is that the celebration does not take place in your own home or company.

After all, you would otherwise be confronted with cleaning up after the event. We are happy to take on this task for you, so that you can enjoy your special day without any compulsion. We also take care of snacks and drinks.

Finally, you can also express special wishes with regard to further general conditions. Perhaps you are longing for special decorations for the tables or menu cards? We will be happy to answer these questions in a detailed preliminary discussion. Express your needs and we will work on a concept that suits you and your guests.

Stay overnight

in our Hotel Rosenhof

If the celebration lasts a little longer, you certainly don’t want to go home by taxi in the late evening. In addition, some of your guests may already have a longer journey behind them and are looking forward to a warm bed in a stylish ambience.

Especially at a late hour it is proving to be uncomfortable to look for a way to get home. For this reason, you can stay comfortably in our hotel rooms after the celebration. We offer you differently equipped rooms. Every taste is covered, so that you end up sleeping in a room where you will feel comfortable.

You can also book complete apartments. This option is ideal if, for example, you would like to stay at the Hotel Rosenhof for a longer period of time. Perhaps this major event should last for several days? Exactly then an apartment is particularly worthwhile, because you are always on site and can carry out important organizational tasks or delegate them to us.

We look forward to your visit and your anniversary. You can organize and celebrate any kind of such a celebration without hesitation. We respond to your wishes and take care of your request with passion!