Family celebrations

Celebrate with your family

at the Hotel Rosenhof!

What distinguishes a family celebration in the hotel?

Ultimately, of course, the advantages of a party at the hotel are particularly interesting. After all, you don’t get to experience a big celebration in a hotel every weekend. A clear argument for the celebration in our house: You have the opportunity to outsource many tasks around the organisation. In our hotel you will enjoy an excellent service. We are there for you right up to the end and help you both in the foreground and in the background.

For example, the hotel takes over the complete service, with regard to the supply of food and beverages, as well as the provision of the required rooms. Perhaps you are a member of an especially large family?! Especially then it could happen that your own apartment with three rooms is no longer sufficient to accommodate the celebrants. So switch to generously proportioned rooms and a beautiful ambience! You can be sure that your guests are always supplied with food and drinks and a small snack will never be missing.

It is of course important to plan the family celebration with you beforehand. On a birthday, for example, you might want to have some surprises in store for the guest of honour. For the Golden Wedding, on the other hand, it is a good idea to create a nice slide show about the celebrated couple. Let your imagination run free, we will gladly respond to your individual wishes.

The course of your family celebration

It is always important to think about the course of your family celebration beforehand. Plan your celebrations according to your wishes. Among other things, you have the possibility to choose a casual party, which is attended by a DJ. This creates a party atmosphere and makes your family dance. On the other hand, it could also be the relaxed party you are longing for.

In the preliminary discussion we listen to your individual ideas very carefully. On the basis of important basic conditions, we will work out the daily schedule together with you. It is important, for example, how many guests you want to invite. This results in important points with regard to the food planning, as well as the rooms you need for your celebrations. We also respond to special decoration wishes with our Hotel Rosenhof.

Your priorities are important to us. And if you want to hold your party outdoors, this is no problem either. Our outdoor area is particularly suitable for relaxed summer parties.

Children are always welcome!

Especially large families often have children among their guests. Of course, they also want to be fitted. Our Hotel Rosenhof also offers a suitable programme here. Outside the hotel there are many possibilities to play. Catching and hiding are popular games that are especially fun outdoors and make time fly by.

If you wish, we can also provide employment opportunities in the interior. Tell us your individual wishes for your little ones. Eventually, it speaks for a successful family celebration if your children had a lot of fun. So don’t hesitate and contact us!

The menu and a nearby sleeping place

It is also possible that some of your guests may travel from far away. However, if your visitors have to order a taxi at the late hour, this would certainly be considered uncomfortable. Of course, your guests have the possibility to stay in our pleasantly designed hotel rooms.

But what would a family celebration be without a special meal? The Hotel Rosenhof also takes care of this. Tell us your wishes and we will take care of the design of the menu. In the context of your celebration, everything should finally proceed according to your plans. Maybe some of your family members will eat vegetarian or vegan food? Incompatibilities with gluten or lactose are also widespread these days. That’s why individuality is our top priority when it comes to the menu. We adapt the food to your needs!

We look forward to seeing you and your family and wish you an unforgettable stay!