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Sightseeing around the Hotel Rosenhof Ramstein

The famous last knight, Franz von Sickingen, lived in castle Nanstein. An annual theatre festival is held here in the summer-time. Visit the “St Andrew’s (Andreas)- Church, where he is reputidly buried and the museum in the “Zehnten-Scheune”. Also interesting are the half- timbered houses and villas in the old part of town.

The Barbarossa- City, famous for soccer (Betzenberg stadium) offers a lot of tourist attactions: guided tours to the ruins and escape tunnels, the “Pfalzgalerie” art gallery,  the Theodor- Zink museum” in the old part of the town, the
“Stiftskirche”: a beautiful  late Gothic church, unique in Southwest- Germany.


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The old Romains brought the grape- vine to Germany and cultivated their fruits to wine. Visit the old vineyards and the traditional “Straußwirtschaften” in the old part of the town: Asselheim and Sausenheim.
There is a well- known wine festival on the 4th weekend in July.
The “Asselheimer Wine- Days” are on the 3rd weekend in August.
The “Sausenheimer Weinkerwe” ( a fun fair) is on the 3rd weekend in September.

Neustadt an der Weinstraße:
This is the biggest wine-growing community in Germany. Visit the famous castle “Hambacher Schloß” with its extensive terrace and the exhibition about the liberation movement in 1832. Ideal starting point for hiking and biking tours.
The wine harvest festival “Deutsches Weinlesefest” is in Oktober.

Bad Dürkheim:
The biggest wine festival in the world is here: The “Wurstmarkt” takes place on the 2nd and 3rd weekends in September. Other sights are the indoor- swimming- area  “Salinarium”,  the  “Hardenburg”  castle and the ruins of monastry “Limburg”

Dahner Felsenland:
Hiking through the  bizzare sandstone stacks of the”Dahner Felsenland” and the huge forests of the national park-“Pfälzer Wald”, along steep rock formations and little lakes:
Natural monument “Jungfernsprung”, viewpoint “Jüngstbergkanzel”, castle ruin “Drachenfels”, geological nature trail “Fladenstein” and castle ” Berwartstein”.

The Palatinate word for shoemaker ist “Schlabbeflicker” and for this reason Pirmasens is also called “Schlabbeflickerstadt”(city of the shoemakers).
Here you will find some of the best known shoe manufacturers.   A famous shoe fair takes place here twice every year.

The music museum in castle “Lichtenberg” plays the music of the Palatinate musicians and shows their uniforms and intruments. In the new “Geoscope” right next door, you can see the prehistory of the region “Pfälzer Bergland”  from 290 million years ago.