A culinary delight. Not just for hotel guests, but for all gourmets from near and far.

Walk into the restaurant Rosenhof Ramstein. We offer you an upscale cuisine, which is characterized by seasonal and regional dishes. On the festive days, we serve themed buffets with a wide selection of starters, main courses and desserts. Every single dish is prepared with love – fresh ingredients are the be-all and end-all.

Christmas Menu

Creamy Broccoli Soup
with roasted flaked almonds

Pike perch fillet
on leaf spinach with lemon butter served with basmati rice

 Roasted beef
in red wine sauce with apple red cabbage and spaetzle

Potato gnocchi
filled with goat cheese and truffle in sage butter
with a small salad

in orange caramel sauce with vanilla cream and cream

€ 36,90 per person

Our November Offers

Goose march in the Rosenhof
November 4th to December 1st

Whole goose for 4
Crispy roasted goose with “grandmother’s stuffing” raw dumplings, apple red cabbage, glazed chestnuts and gravy

29,90 € per Person

Chestnut cream soup
6,90 €

Lamb´s lettuce
with bacon and croutons
9,90 €

stuffed with veal and porcini in butter and sage
13,90 €

Crispy leg of goose
with glazed chestnuts, raw dumplings and red apple cabbage
28,90 €

Duck breast
in orange sauce, with duchess potatoes and carrot vegetables
27,90 €

Sweet and salty cheesecake
with caramel cream
6,90 €

Take a look into our standard Menu Card

Little Bites and Salads

Roasted garlic barguette
with cheese: 5,90 €
without cheese: 4,90 €

Potato soup
Cream soup with fresh vegetables
and streaky bacon
6,90 €

Small side salad
garnished with tomato and cucumber
5,40 €

Italian salad
with cucumber, tomato, cheese, ham and egg
small  9,90 €
big    12,90 €

We serve all salads with:
Balsamic – olive oil dressing
(aged balsamic vinegar and cold-pressed olive oil)
French dressing
(creamy – spicy with yogurt, mustard, garlic and herbs)

Vegan, Vegetrarian, Pasta, Fish

Crispy schnitzel (vegan)
9,90 €

Potato rösti
with vegetable stripes
and herb quark dip
11,90 €

Spaghetti Bolognese
A classic. Ground beef, roasted veggies and parmesan.
13,90 €

Roasted salmon fillet
marinated with valuable rapeseed oil
18,90 €

King prawn tails
without shell in a sauce of coconut,
curry and saffron threads
19,90 €


Angus Burger
baked golden Bun, juicy 180gr. patti from angus beef with homemade burger sauce, salad, tomato, gouda cheese, roasted onions served with Steakhouse frites
17,90 €

Beef rolls
filled with onions, pickles and bacon
in a strong red wine sauce
19,90 €

Braised Beef
in a raisin sauce
19,90 €

N.Y Strip Steak
best steaks fron Angus and Hereford cattke
250g raw weight
29,90 €

Schnitzel Viennese style
from pork with lemon slice
12,90 €

Fried chicken “Viennese style”
tender boneless chicken thighs
in crispy breading
12,90 €

Filling supplement
3,40 €
Steakhouse frites
3,90 €
Basmati rice
3,40 €
unpeeled rosemary potatoes
3,90 €

vegetable side dish
leaf spinach
3,70 €
3,90 €
side salad
5,40 €

sauces / dips
Creamy mushroom sauce
3,40 €
Herb butter
2,40 €
BBQ sauce
2,40 €
Herb curd dip
2,40 €


Butter waffle
baked on cast iron
with hot raspberries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
6,90 €

Hot and ice
warm raspberry sauce with vanilla ice and whipped cream
6,90 €


3,60 €

Espresso macchiato
3,90 €

3,50 €

3,90 €

Latte Macchiato
4,50 €

Espresso with vanilla ice cream
4,90 €

Caffè coretto
Espresso with a shot
5,40 €

Coffee with milk and Baileys
6,90 €

Irish coffee
Coffee with whisky and whipped cream
7,50 €