A culinary delight. Not just for hotel guests, but for all gourmets from near and far.

Walk into the restaurant Rosenhof Ramstein. We offer you an upscale cuisine, which is characterized by seasonal and regional dishes. On the festive days, we serve themed buffets with a wide selection of starters, main courses and desserts. Every single dish is prepared with love – fresh ingredients are the be-all and end-all.

Small palate ticklers

Roasted garlic barguette
with cheese: 2,90 €
without cheese: 2,50 €

Three types of Mediterranean dips
Pesto, dip “siziliana“ und olive tapenade with baguette
4,90 €

Beef carpaccio
with pesto, rucola and parmesan
9,90 €


Tomatoe soup (vegan)
with basil
4,50 €

Goulash soup
with beef and bell pepper
4,90 €

Beef consomme
with marrow dumplings, julienne
and beef
4,90 €


We serve all our salads with balsamic vinaigrette. In case you’re preferring a french dressing, please let us know.

Farmer’s salad
with cucumbers , tomatoes, feta cheese, peperoni and olives
9,90 €

Niçoise salad
with cucumber and tomato, refined with tuna, anchovies, egg, black olives and mild peperoni. 10,90 €

Italian salad
with cucumber, tomato, cheese, ham and egg
9,90 €

Garden salad
mixed leaf salad with tomato and cucumber topped with roasted chicken stripes. 11,90 €


Roasted salmon
with saffron sauce, spinach and boiled potatoes.
18,90 €

Pasta and burger

Spaghetti Bolognese
A classic. Ground beef, roasted veggies and parmesan.
8,90 €

Pappardelle Pasta
Creamy mushroom sauce with fresh herbs.
10,50 €

stuffed with goat cheese and truffele tossed in sage butter with fried rucola.Served with a side salad.

12,90 €

180 gr.  angus burger
Golden sesam bun, juicy angus beef patty with home-made burger sauce, salad, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and glaced honey onions. Served with steakhouse fries. 13,90 €

Rosenhof classics

Beef olives
stuffed with bacon, cucumbers and onions. Stewed in a hearty sauce served with red cabbage and potatoes.
19,90 €

Pesto chicken
Grilled chicken with tomato sauce and pesto, cooked au gratin served with ratatouille and spaghetti.
15,90 €

Pork filet
with creamy pepper sauce served with spätzle and side salad.

17,50 €

in raisin sauce with red cabbage and potatoes
18,90 €

Schnitzel …


Breaded schnitzel
with fried potatoes
11,90 €

Pork escalope 
with mushroom sauce and steakhouse fries
14,90 €

with tomato sauce cooked au gratin served with spaghetti
14,90 €


Viennese schnitzel
with fried potatoes
15,90 €

Veal escalope
with mushroom sauce and steakhouse fries
18,90 €

with tomato sauce cooked au gratin served with spaghetti

18,90 €

goes well with our schnitzel variations
… a side salad with cucumber and tomato
3,00 €


Our beef is exclusively from: Block House.

250 gr. with herb butter and steakhouse fries
24,90 €

Rib Eye Steak
300 gr. with melted onions and fried potatoes
27,90 €

200 gr. with pepper sauce and pappardelle pasta.
28,90 €

Goes well with our steaks
… a side salad with cucumber and tomato
3,00 €


Nougat lasagne
layerd nougat creme with leaves of marzipan

6,90 €

Chocolate soufflé
with a  dark chocolate liquid core served with vanilla ice cream
6,90 €

Appel strudel
with fresh apples served with vanilla sauce and whipped cream
6,90 €

Hot and cold
Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
4,90 €

Mixed ice cream
3 scoops of choice: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, with whipped cream
4,90 €


Caffè coretto
Espresso with a shot
3,90 €

Coffee with milk and Baileys
5,20 €

Irish coffee
Coffee with whisky and whipped cream
5,80 €

Espresso with vanilla ice cream
2,90 €