Company parties

The right place for your company celebrations

Hotel Rosenhof

We organize your company anniversary


We offer you and your employees many advantages. We take care of all the necessary preparations. The hotel will of course provide and prepare the meals. Furthermore, you and your employees do not have to worry about the follow-up. Our staff will always take care of your physical well-being. You spend your time with your colleagues and employees while we take care of the clean-up work in the background.

Relaxed and stress-free, you can celebrate your company anniversary. As a rule, a company party organised entirely by yourself ends with the fact that you still have to take care of sustainable clean-up work yourself. This factor does not apply if you celebrate in our hotel. You enjoy the celebration to the fullest and the “unpleasant work” you put into our hands.

Look forward to a quiet overnight stay!


The celebration is drawing to a close and the last discussions continue into the late evening hours. Since you certainly don’t want to go home at such times, we offer you the perfect overnight stay in our hotel. Your employees will surely see this in exactly the same way and are happy about a nearby sleeping place. After all, some of your employees might be commuting to the Hotel Rosenhof.

If the last drinks have been emptied, you can go to our comfortably furnished hotel rooms. A beautiful end to a very special day. The following morning we will have a delicious breakfast and a pleasant cup of coffee. So you will not only start your day rested, but also well-fed.

How do you manage your own company party at Hotel Rosenhof?


If you want to make your company anniversary an unforgettable event, there are a few things to consider. This includes, for example, the organisation in advance. Various factors play an extremely important role in ensuring that the framework conditions are clearly defined from the outset. This is precisely the part you discuss with us in an informal and pleasant preliminary discussion. But what factors actually play an important role?

The number of guests is groundbreaking for the entire project. Finally, the number of meals and the provision of drinks depend on this. You may also have special requests regarding the menu. Is it possible that your company has a particularly large number of employees who eat vegetarian or vegan food? The menu in our cosy restaurant can be adapted to such specialities at your request.

In addition, the number of guests who do not want to go home in the evening and wish to stay overnight is important. After all, you need sufficient hotel rooms so that all your employees and you can find a comfortable place to sleep with us.

Afterwards, the schedule and program must be clarified. Do you need special equipment or do you have a special request for your supporting programme?

We would like to discuss all these factors together with you. It is important to us that your company celebration will be remembered as a special event.

Planning is important


The above points show that the planning of your company celebration is very important. Only on the basis of a “wise foresight” will your employees and guests remember this celebration as a successful one. The rooms should be suitable for you as a company and reflect your individuality. In addition, it is important that your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

From the basis of a well thought-out organisation, you guarantee a regular course of the celebration. That’s why we’re going