Here you can experience your birthday in a special way


your birthday in Rheinland-Pfalz

Go home at night?

Now the party’s over.

Some of your guests may have travelled from far away. Of course, it would be a shame if some visitors had to take a taxi home at night. We offer you the opportunity to not only celebrate your party with us, but also to stay overnight in our house afterwards. This gives you many advantages. Among other things, you can end the evening calmly and relaxed. Long conversations or the famous “last glass of wine” are no problem at all.

Our rooms offer you a special ambience and make every overnight stay a real experience. For romantics, for example, the Rose Room is ideal, whereas in the Junior Suite you can even benefit from a fully equipped kitchen. No wishes are left unfulfilled, as a suitable overnight accommodation can be found for all guests. Afterwards you can start well rested into the next day.

We plan together with you!


You have decided to celebrate your next birthday or anniversary in our Hotel Rosenhof? Feel free to contact us and let us know your wishes! These are particularly important to us and enjoy a high priority in advance planning. The decisive factor here is that you really address all the factors that play an important role for you. In a detailed preliminary discussion we clarify the central framework conditions together with you.

This includes, for example, how many guests are expected in the evening. This is the basis for further planning with regard to food, drinks and the rooms that must be made available. In addition, you may want to celebrate your birthday under a certain motto. Of course, you can also celebrate a successful costume party at the Hotel Rosenhof.

The organisation should be taken into account so that all important conditions can be clarified in advance. In this way you will not only ensure that your guests are satisfied – you can also start the day in a relaxed manner.

A perfect birthday

It is often perceived as particularly comfortable that we work for you in the background. This means, among other things, that we ensure a warm welcome for our guests. We also take care of the general catering with drinks and you don’t have to worry about the menu. You place all these tasks in our hands. You can also make use of our various facilities. There are several halls in our house.

However, it could also be that the date of your celebration falls in the summer months. If you like, you can also celebrate your party outside in good weather.

But no matter whether inside or outside: the clean-up work is also part of our resort. Here you celebrate, we clean up.

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